7 settembre 2012


Ciao a tutti,
 ecco una prima idea dell’abito che ho iniziato a realizzare, si tratta di un abito da sera dei primi del 900
in seta gialla tulle nero e pizzo, spero venga come lo immagino…

Hello ,

 here is a first idea of the dress that I've start to realize, is an evening dress from the '900

Yellow silk tulle and black lace, I hope will be as I imagine ...


liberty dress sketch

4 commenti:

  1. Beautiful work... I know costume designers who would love you!!! thanks for stopping by my blog, lost past remembered. I have been working on a film and not blogging at all. hope to get to it next week. I look forward to seeing your projects

    1. Thank you!
      Sorry for the late reply. It will be a pleasure see your work on your blog, in the meanwhile my dress is almost finish...